Thursday, 30 October 2014

Public Performance Rights - ACF, VEC, Criterion on Demand (Canada)

Look for LICENSE REPORT on left side of page.

ACF Home Page.png

Reporting Page

FSD Client Number - 16501
FSD Password -         16501

ACF Reporting Page.png
Each School has a Client Number if you want to log in under your own number.  

Visual Education Centre (VEC) - Criterion Films

Look for Release Schedule on Home Page on the left.

VEC home page.png

Under the Release Schedule at the top of the page, CLICK HERE for reporting page.

VEC Reporting Click Link.png

Client Number is 9200803.
VEC Reporting Page.png

Criterion on Demand - is included in our PPRs License with VEC therefore FREE!
No need for a login on a school computer.  Not accessible at home.

Check this out because it does not seem to have the same streaming/downloading problems that Learn360 does.

Critierion on Demand.png

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