Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Calgary School visits FSD's Learning Commons

On a beautiful September morning, Lorraine Kinsman, principal of Cranston School, Calgary, along with her Learning Commons Learning Leaders and their Library Tech visited three of FSD's fabulous Learning Commons, Turner Valley, DMG, and Heritage Heights to gather ideas for their own Learning Commons update!  

The Cranston team was very interested in the process of "genre-fying' books for easy student access; the new Ideation wall being installed at Turner Valley;  the beautiful curved mobile bookshelves;  the intriguing many uses of the leather animal ottomans by students;  the use of Symbaloo for book trailers, etc., QR code book trailers;  the celebration of The Dot, Read in the Bathtub Week, Star War Reads Week;  Tracy's Pigeon movies;   DMG's new LC mural;   Heritage's diversification of space and resources to encompass K-9 students; and last, but definitely not least, Makerspace Stations and resources (IMC). 

Many thanks to the Learning Commons Facilitators,Carol Webb (TV), Tracy Tuttosi (DMG), and  Nancy Bowlby (HHT) and their admin  for sharing their time, space, knowledge, and talents with our visitors.

Over the last year, our Learning Commons in Blackie, Cayley, Highwood, and Joe Clark have also hosted visits by superintendents, principals, teachers, and librarians (LCFs) from the Dene Tha First Nation, Livingstone Range, and Calgary Catholic.  It is a tribute to our Learning Commons Facilitators that other divisions want to visit Foothills to see what the 'buzz' is about the LCs in our division!  

Kudos and many thanks to our LCFs in our division!  Your hard work and dedication is noticed and appreciated by many within and without our division! 

Monday, 30 March 2015

C11 and Education

Digital Copyright and the Classroom:
  1. What is NEVER okay?

    1. Pirated resources (Constitutes theft): Content that has been removed from its original format ie: DVD, CD, iTunes, etc and shared publically (file sharing) or privately with individuals who did not pay for it: Typically these consist of
      1. Software
      2. Music
      3. Movies
      4. Other media
    2. Content that someone else has pirated and placed on a public site such as YouTube. (For example a Bill Nye episode that someone has posted to YouTube).
    3. Content sold in a digitally protected format - iTunes, Play, eBooks, Amazon, etc. - where you have used a program to remove the license lock (DRM). For example, if you purchase a movie from iTunes, use a program to “break” the lock so you can play it from your Moodle page, Google Drive or YouTube.
    4. Content removed from its original media without permission - For example “ripping” music or movies from a CD or DVD (This includes “ripping” from YouTube).
  2. What is SOMETIMES okay?

    1. Play a legitimately purchased (bought by the school, by yourself) movie for your students, for educational purposes. (Note that sporting events, sleepovers, fundraisers etc. are covered through our IRC membership. Please contact Barbara Eagles at IMC if you want to confirm that a title is licensed for this).
      1. Note: Although high definition streaming services such as Netflix or ShoMi are legal in these situations, they draw enough bandwidth to slow down the entire division internet. Please do not use these!
      2. Legitimately hosted music videos from services like Vimeo can be used for educational purposes so long as they are played from their original website, however these are not covered through the IRC licenses.
    2. Reproduce a work for educational purposes that is:
      1. Not commercially available in Canada for a reasonable price
      2. Cannot be located with reasonable effort (For example, a work produced in 1970 is no longer available for purchase in any format)
    3. News and commentary used for educational purposes.
    4. Create something new using a published work (sometimes referred to as a “Mashup”) as long as the work you’re using itself has not violated copyright. For example you can create a video using a piece of music you’ve purchased from itunes so long as you don’t have to remove the DRM lock to do it.
  3. What is ALWAYS okay?

    1. Play legitimately purchased music or other audio recording for your students.
    2. Play, download and copy resources that are Creative Commons licensed. ( is an easy way to find these).
    3. Play multi-media created and produced by FSD Staff and Students.

The University of British Columbia has a Comprehensive Site outlining copyright implications for Educational Institutions as per the Copyright Modernization Act (formerly bill C-11).

Legal Alternatives for Content:

  • Creative Commons Search:
    • Search for content that is licensed under creative commons and therefore free to copy with attribution. Creative Commons Search looks for free content on a variety of search tools including Google, Flickr and ccMixter.
  • 7-Digital:
    • Music sold without DRM lock legitimately. Prices are similar to iTunes and Play, but can be used to create “mashups” legitimately. Refer to the purchase contract to determine the number of devices you are allowed to share to.
  • Streaming Services purchased through IRC (Contact Barbara Eagles for passwords):

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

James' favourite book! What's yours?

March 20, 2015 - LCF PD Day Agenda

 ÉOJHS – Cathy Steinhauer - Hostess
Please park in OJHS’ south parking lot, same side as the hill, the door will be open.
Items to bring:  
1.               Fully charged iPad
2. Your favourite book from your school library for your Book Selfie
3. ORC questions for Jamie Davis
4. LC Photos on flash drive and questions for Lorelei and Amber
5. Come prepared to have your photo/video taken
6. Your appetite…..Cathy is providing smoothies, snacks, and lunch…mmmmdddelicious!!!!
Items to be completed by day’s end:
1.      Book selfie with your favourite book from school (can complete before Friday on your iPad – example on IMC website – Barb’s Blog)
2. Two short Learning Commons’ videos with your group
3.             Your Learning Commons’  Evaluation (can complete before Friday, see Lunch below for links and info)
4. Blog / Page Post for your Learning Commons for your school’s website
5.            321_Exit Slip
Smoothie Bar - 8:15 a.m. – Create your own Smoothie!!  Come early and ENJOY!!
8:30 – Welcome/Housekeeping, Parking Lot, 321_Exit Slips    (
8:35 - Division 1/2 LCFs - Jamie Davis – ORC Coordinator - Learn Alberta
   Division 3/4 LCFs – Amber / Lorelei – WordPress

10:30ish – Break – Book Selfies using your iPad camera!
10:45 - Division 1/2 LCFs – Amber / Lorelei – WordPress
     Division 3/4 LCFs – Jamie Davis – ORC Coordinator
12:00 - Lunch time – Please take 5 minutes to complete the Your Learning
    Commons’ Evaluation - if you haven’t
    If you want your LC evaluation from fall 2014 to compare, go to
1:00 -   Info for future PD

          1. MakerSpaces – Cathy and Myron
          MakerSpaces Day – late August – Dr. Susan Crichton – Director of
          Innovative Learning, Faculty of Education, UBC, Kelowna Campus
          2. Work on Rubric for LCs with survey for 2015/2016
          3. Your Learning Commons’ Evaluation - FAA – Wednesday, March 25 - 
  2:00 – 2:30 pm at the Memorial Center, High River to work with your   admin on your LC evaluations, compare, and look towards the future.

    Today’s Tasks
    a. Google Drive – Uploading photos/videos to a shared google folder - Learning Commons Facilitators – Video and
    Photos – March 2015
   b. Book Selfie – with your favourite book from your school library,
   add to same shared google folder above
   c. LC Video – Questions - , add to same
    shared folder above
1:45 – WordPress
3:15 – 321Exit_Slip Completion
3:30 – Homeward Bound!!!
Next PD – Monday, June 8, 2015       
  Celebration / Looking Forward / James’ Retirement

Next PD – Monday, June 8, 2015       

      Celebration / Looking Forward / James’ Retirement

Thursday, 30 October 2014

LCF - PD Agenda - October 31, 2014

Big Rock School - Leann Latta

Items to bring:  iPad and Chromebook.

Todd has confirmed we can skip his opening remarks, just confirm with your admin your intentions/agenda for the day.

Continental Breakfast - 8:30 a.m. - Muffins/fruit/coffee/tea/juice  
Amber will join us for the morning session and lunch to assist us in any capacity.!

1. 8:45 - Welcome - LeAnn, Housekeeping,
  • Parking Lot (Literacy and small groups)
  • IMC Packing/Pickup Lists
  • Cards for Brian and Adam
  • VEC/ACF/Criterion on Demand (Canada)
  • Wish List Monies
  • Thank you
2. 9:00 - Grade configuration groupings  
  • Div 1, 2, 3, 4 - share/work on whatever your group decides on,eg. book sharing/exchange, citing books, resources, strategies, etc.  
3. 10:30 - Break - Snacks

4.     10:45 - Celebration!
  • Likert Scale
  • Vision/Mission Statement Presentations
  • Working on Goals.

Lunch Time - 12:00 - Potluck

6. 12:15 - Lunch time discussion - Questions and Answers - Insignia - Sheri

7. 12:45 - 3:30 - Doug will be around for the pm if you have any questions for him.
  1. GoogleLand -  Docs, Sheets, Forms, Hangout - Adam Elliott - 45 min. presentation / questions / concerns / play on Chromebooks/ipad

  1. Wordpress / Website - Blogs, Homepage, Symbaloos, etc. - Lorelei

  1. Continue working on your goals or school configurations from morning

  1. Ideas/displays/artwork/bulletin board/crafting - Discussion and Sharing - Alberta and Sue - 30 min.

Please note that A and D will be more formal presentations / discussion / sharing / playing.
B and C are additional options to work on or with if you are interested.   Eg. You may spend all your time in GoogleLand if you desire.

Next PD Day - Monday, Dec 15, 2014 - All Day - IMC / ÉSRMS LC
  • Working with Rebecca Forchuk and LTAC

Hometime - 3:30